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Descriptive TOFFOPLAK 8 MM

Cellular polypropylene sheets 8 mm thickness which can be cut out, striped, folded, fastened, and, in general, to be handled in the same way that corrugated cardboard, but much more resistant than this one.

These sheets are used to realize the protection of your building sites, the storage and the protection of your equipment, but also to carry out formwork, in particular for the foundation slabs.

This system makes it possible to optimize the quantity of cast concrete and to perennialize the structure of the foundations.

Indeed, more concrete losses due to irregular excavations, more impurities in the concrete and not of milt absorptive by the ground.
Rapid to be set up and inexpensive, this simple system will optimize the construction of your foundation slabs. Protection, formwork, foundation

Implementation TOFFOPLAK 8 MM

Thank with their longitudinal veins, the plates are easily foldable and thus modelables with dimensions necessary.
During the excavation of your excavations, try to carry out them with nearest as of dimensions of your foundations. If the width of the excavations is too important, it is enough to plant a concrete-reinforcing steel behind the plate in order to prevent which it does not open during the casting.

size paletization TOFFOPLAK 8 MM

Dimensions: 2400 x 1200 mm

Tickness: 8 mm

Density: 1500 gr/m²

Pallet : 85 sheets = 244.80 m² = 390 kg

Unit of sale: m²      

Easy handling

Impermeable and light

High mechanical strength and thermics (of - 30° with + 70° C)

100% which can be recycled

Resistance to water, the chemical agents and the acids

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