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Descriptive TOFFOBASE 40

The Toffobase system is an alternative to the traditional use of mortar plots for the setting up of the Toffolo joint rulers.

This “chair” are also placed every 60 to 70 cm and are exclusively made to fit the Toffolo joint ruler.

The Toffobase offers a clean and fast preparation ans a worksite treatment in advance.

Its simple utilization adds an extra advantage to the Toffolo joint ruler’s employ, because now on preparation, pouring and joint treatment can be done in one operation.

More the utilization of Toffobase is favoured as the traditional method on mounds because there is no difference between the mound’s concrete and the paving one. The paving’s homogeneity is perfect.

Toffobase is available in 2 sizes :

-         Toffobase 80: exclusively mado to fit 80 standard and re-enforced joint ruler models

-        Toffobase 40: exclusively made to fit 40 standard joint ruler models.

Both models are delivered in boxes of 500 pieces (10 bags of 50 pieces).

Implementation TOFFOBASE 40

Download the instructions use 

size paletization TOFFOBASE 40


Toffobase 80

Toffobase 40





box of 500 pieces

(10 bags of 50)

box of 500 pieces

(10 bags of 50)


54 x 35 x 35 cm

54 x 35 x 35 cm


9,7 kg

8 kg



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