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Descriptive SALVAVERDE TYPE B 58 X 58 CM

SALVAVERDEis the system that allows the creation of green surfaces, avoiding the problems linked to the transit of the vehicles.

In this way, furrows and roots damages are avoided.

SALVAVERDE consolidates and stabilises the surface, keeping the natural permeability of the soil.

In this way the draining surface that urbanization lawre quires, is fulfilled

Implementation SALVAVERDE TYPE B 58 X 58 CM

Description for specification


1- Drainage layer formed by 10/15 cm of volcanic lapillus, grainsize 5-20 mm, crush resistance 35 N/mm2

 2-Realization of SALVAVERDE Geoplast laying surface formedby 3/4 cm of volcanic sands mixture (enriched with soil and fertilizers), grain size 0-5 mm laid out and well striked in order to reach a perfect leveling

3- Installation of Salvaverde

4- Cells filling with a mixture of volcanic sands enriched with topsoil and organic fertilisers (grain size 0-5 mm). Alternatively, blend of silica sand, enriched with peat and organic humos

5- Finishing and seeding

6-Detecting caps to delimit parkings, private areas, driveways,ecc. In order to better define the parkings, 4 caps per linear meter are recommended.



size paletization SALVAVERDE TYPE B 58 X 58 CM

Clear surfaceCm 58*58 cm
Rough surfaceCm 60*60 cm
height of the cellsCm 4
Résistance à la compression350 KN/ m²
Système de fermetureAccrochage par le haut
height and  shapes of cellsCm 7  - hexagonal
Exposure Time80 mq/h
Q.té/palette225 pcs= 75 m²
Dimension palette120x120x230 H
Weight of each flagstone4,2 kg/m²

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