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Descriptive 40 MM JOINT RULER

Toffolo joint ruler is a dividing joint, which acts as well as levelling guide to screed the concrete.

 It is a hollow PVC profile, which absorbs the expansion of the concrete, avoids the surfacing cracks and the slab’s premature ageing. Offal’s system application being fast, clean and simple allows you to save 30% on the time of laying a slab.


To speed up the paving set up, think to use the Toffobase!

This system allows doing the work in advance without waiting for the mounds to dry

4 models of Toffolo joint rulers exist, allowing to make practically all types of paving :

- Model 40 standard (4cm high) : For slabs in between 5 and 11 cm

- Model 40 to plant (4cm high) : For slabs in between 5 and 11 cm

- Model 80 standard (8 cm high) : For slabs in between 12 and 30 cm

- Model 80 Re-enforced (8cm high) : For slabs in between 12 and 30 cm using a very heavy vibrating screed (+80kg).


Users of these systems are numerous:

Public works companies: roadworks, sidewalks, pathways, and walkways, washed concrete…

Building Companies: for all paving, heated floors (40 model), slabs (tillers)…

Landscapers: pathways, walkways

Farmers: Paving for storage warehouses

Industrial paving Companies: for door entrances and work divisions


According to the DTU, slabs must be fractioned every 25m2, it is why our profiles measure 5m to ease the set-up (System of 5x5).

The following calculation method can be used: the side section’s ratio must be included between 1 and 1.5 maximum. It’s as well agreed to divide into smaller fractions an outdoor slab (side section ration = 1)


The triangular chape of the Toffolo joint ruler presents:

- A large base to guaranty the profile’s stability while setting

- Grooved external walls to guaranty an excellent grip to the concrete and follow concrete expansion

- An internal space to eventually insert cables

- A rigid and straight tip to guide while screeding the concrete*

* Once the concrete has been poured and dried only the tip of the profile remains visible on the surface. The finished work is clean and faultless in comparison with the sawing of paving

Implementation 40 MM JOINT RULER


Definitely avoid putting setting concrete at the ends and crossings.

To guaranty the profile’s extension, leftover steel bars can be used and inserted in the hollow parts of the Toffolo joint ruler. A toffobase can also be placed in between 2 profile’s ends.

Definitely do not place the profiles directly on the ground, as it is essential to always have a continuity of concrete on the slab’s lower part to avoid step effect risks.

On work sites, pouring corridors can be organised to leave space for the truck mixer. The pouring is done by 5m wide sections and the profiles placed lengthways can act as pouring stoppers.

To divide sideways, the model 40 to plant joint ruler can be used which will be planted in the fresh concrete at surface level.


To speed up the paving set up, think to use the Toffobase!

This system allows doing the work in advance without waiting for the mounds to dry

size paletization 40 MM JOINT RULER

Dimensions / Pallets


Model 80S 

Re-inforced Model 80R Standard Model 40S Hammer Model 40Toffobase 80Toffobase 40
Length5 ml5 ml3 ml2,5 ml 65.6mm 34mm
High8 cm8 cm4 cm4 cm 44.72mm 44.3mm
Weight per m500 g675 g200 g150g19 g14 g
Usesdallage 12 à 30 cm

slabs from 12 to 30 cm 

heavy vibrating screed (+ 80 kg)

slabs from 5 to 12 cmslabs from 5 to 12 cm

for RJ80S and RJ80R

1,5  units/ml

for RJ40S

1,5 units/ml

Pallets175 profiles of 5 ml = 875 ml175 profiles of 5ml = 875 ml4 burden of 80 profiles of 3ml = 960ml60 profiles of 2,5 ml = 125ml

500 units box 

(10 bags of 50)

500 units box 

(10 bags of 50)

Dimensions5 x 1,2 x 0,5 (h) m5 x 1,2 x 0,5 (h) m3 x 0,8 x 0,5 (h) m2,5 x 0,15 x 0,15 (h) m54 x 35 x 35 cm54 x 35 x 35 cm
Weight450 kg600 kg200 kg19 kg9,7 kg8 kg







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