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Descriptive KIT PRO 80 AND KIT PRO 40

With the KITPRO 40 or KITPRO 80, Toffolo proposes from now on to these customers of the solutions “very understood” to carry out CONCRETE FLAGSTONES up to 27 cm thickness

Easy upgrade, prevention of the random formation of the cracks, building site finished in only one phase, installation easier of the steel fabrics, are the strong arguments of these new products.

Each KIT approximately allows the realization of a flagstone up to 30 m ².

Besides the joint ruler in 2 m length (easy transport), it understands the famous TOFFOBASE and their supports of steel making it possible to avoid the use of mortar (simpler, easier and cleaner) and to run the flagstone in only one phase (speed of the building site).

The applications for each KIT are numerous:
-    Pavement or am in hiding around the house, Am in hiding of swimming pool, alley of access to the garage, footpath in the garden, paves for garage or kitchen of summer, slope of flow of glance….

The various phases of implementation are explained and illustrated on the packing of each KIT, in order to avoid any risk of error.

Implementation KIT PRO 80 AND KIT PRO 40

Download the files of the instructions of installation

size paletization KIT PRO 80 AND KIT PRO 40

-   Parcel of 8 kg: Contents for a flagstone until 30m ² of surface and 15 cm thickness

-   Parcel of 11 kg: Contents for a flagstone up to 30 m ² of surface & 27 cm thickness

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