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Descriptive GEOPANEL "ART"

It's a reusable and modular formwork system for the creation of open-face concrete walls. GEOPANEL ART is made of ABS and has to be combined with GEOPANEL. Hooking the two elements the result will be an high productivity preform for the creation of patterned concrete. The concrete surface takes the shape of the panels and the result is a wall ready to be painted or further decorated to obtain more realistic and artistic outcomes. The River Stone model has an irregular shape in order to obtain a realistic result and reproduce the shapes of an alpine torrent stones. It's easy to use and time and money can be saved. Moreover, GEOPANEL ART is light and easy to handle and it is a product with an exellent cost-effectiveness.

Implementation GEOPANEL "ART"

DOWNLOAD THE DATA SHEET (under the pictures)

size paletization GEOPANEL "ART"


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