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Descriptive ROD PROANGLE A06/A08/A10

 The rod PROANGLE is a section which is used as protection for the angles with tiling. It is about decorative section designed for the outgoing angles of the tiled walls. They present a round-off intended to protect stop them tiling against the mechanical aggressions. These sections, available in various colours, make it possible to match the color of the outgoing angles of the coating to that of the squares and the joints, and to obtain interesting contrasts in term of decoration. Available in 6.8 and 10 mm Resistant to the chemical products, the bad weather, the shocks, it can be used for interior or external mural tilings, as well as the ends of coatings subjected to low mechanical constraints.

Implementation ROD PROANGLE A06/A08/A10

The profile is posed with mortar-adhesive, then it is adjusted and the square of level is fixed.
- To select the section according to the thickness of the tiling
- By means of a notched hawk, to apply mortar-adhesive to the limit of the tiling. It is advisable to tile in a first tempsun section of wall, then to apply mortar sticks to the level of the angle on the second side.
- To drown the wing of fixing perforated in the bed of mortar-adhesive and to align it.
- To cover the wing with fixing perforated of mortar - adhesive on all surface and to fill the open round-off with mortar-adhesive.
- To even adjust the squares so that they arrive at the height, inside stops higher section. The squares must adhere on all their surface along the section.

size paletization ROD PROANGLE A06/A08/A10

Length: 2.50 ml
Heights: 6.8 and 10 mm
Colour: white, beige, gray, light blue, dark blue, pink, red, maroon green.
Packing: paperboard of 400 ml, 4 pockets of 100 ml
Weight of the parcel: 10 kg

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